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We all love to travel! Discovering new cultures, exploring new places, getting away with friends, going to a romantic weekend to a sunny place or flying to a family gathering after a long time, any occasion is enough as a motive to have a great time. But when it comes to preparing for the next trip, there are usually many details to pay attention to, from collecting the documents you need until packing your bags, so it can seem stressful at first glance. And as the time passes, we realize that there are more things to organize, that we didn’t remember at the first moment.

Don’t worry; we are here to help you to prepare for your next trip and all those travels after that one!Here are some useful topics,

Here are some useful topics, information you may need or you want to find in one place.

Feel inspired; choosing your next destination

Have you decided where you want to fly next?
Do you know the time of your travel? Sometimes we just want to travel to make a new adventure, to spend a vacation with our friends, family or go with an adventurous friend to enjoy water sports or hiking.

If you are still wondering and taking a tour through ideas for your vacation, you can check out our destinations, get general information about the weather, nightlife, nature, events and get an inspiration. If you know the time of your vacation, you can organize your trip according to that starting information and decide if you want to go to a sunny beach or a city that never sleeps. Some destinations are great anytime, but some you will love more during the winter or spring for example, because of the weather or events.

If you haven’t scheduled your vacation yet – every door is open for you! You can take a look at our offers, check our super sale and find the best deals.
Pick a vacation you want, book your ticket and – start packing!

FLYDYA Airways flights; general information

We are taking pride in expanding our services and introducing new routes. If you are flying for the first time with us, you want to be our new passenger on one of our new routes, you should know that we are improving and adding new options on our website and have promotions.

We suggest you to create your profile on our page to keep on track with our latest news, make your future booking easier and use more options as our official user. It takes a minute, your data will be private and saved, you can have an overview of every of your booking, get our newsletter and be the first to know and use our new options and offers. Subscribe to our newsletter and follow our pages, we love to surprise our passengers.

Dynamic International Airways operates a fleet of Boeing 767 airplanes, the best choice of airplanes for the most comfortable international air travel experience. Our team will welcome aboard and help you anytime. You can contact us for any information you need, we will be happy to be at your service.

Preparing your documents

Book your flight; use your promo code

Booking a ticket on our website is easy and fast! Pick your destination, select your travel date and we will find flights, price ranges and classes to suggest you. We are in the midst of expansion of our low cost services and cheap flights to some of the most attractive destinations of the world and we welcome you onboard anytime!
After selecting your flight, fare, number of passengers, luggage, insurance, you will be offered to enter your promo code on the billing info step.
If you have a promo code (voucher), you will find a field PROMO CODE where you should enter your code. You will be able to see applied discount in the report. Keep in mind that our vouchers, discounts and promo codes are applied only to the prices of our tickets; taxes cannot be discounted.

Welcome Aboard!
Thank you for choosing Dynamic International Airways!

For more suggestions and interesting advice about practical and easy packing you can read our flight attendants’ tips and tricks. Find more information about our unique in-flight offers and our onboard services. We will always make sure you are served at the highest level.