Traveling like a professional

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Traveling like a professional

Our flight attendants, Rosa and Nicole are traveling very often and they love it! One day in New York, the next in Caracas, Georgetown after that, they say it is pretty exciting and that they have learned a lot about new places and cultures.

Discovering attractions, the best places to dine, where to go to a great party, learning about the history, culture, mixture of influences in local cuisine and music – it all creates a thrill in a heart of a traveler! Picking a destination is fun, but, when it comes to packing, Rosa and Nicole are professionals in how to keep it light and practical. We have asked them to share some tips that can help you, especially if you are or want to become a frequent flyer. Here is what they advised.

Measure your luggage

Yes, airlines, in general, don’t mind about the design of your bags, but you definitely need to stick with the rules in order to make the boarding quicker and easier, so take a few seconds to measure your bags and compare the measurements to the rules given on the website.

Also, keep in mind the weight of your bags. Carry-on baggage measurement rules are different than others. But, you can always check the maximal dimensions on the website (in the tables) and pick a small backpack that follows the rules.

Create a list of items you are carrying & organize items

The list of items will definitely ease your packing. You will have an overview and decide easier what you really need and what is not so necessary and can stay home. Also, it will help you decide what to put in your luggage and what is essential to carry with you in the cabin, in your carry-on baggage.

There is a golden rule – pick the clothes you are carrying so that you can easily combine outfits or make layers. This will ease the choices, making your luggage more practical.

Bring the neutrals mostly – even if you like pops of color, you will be able to combine one colorful shirt with other neutral items into several different outfits.

Try to organize your shoes. For example, if you are going to a sunny place and you want to spend the most of your vacation on a beach, flip-flops and some flats are a really good choice. Then, when you decide, put the shoes on the bottom of your bag – it will give you more space. Save the lightest items to pack at the end.

Make sure your official documents and tickets are on the list of items, to keep them always in mind.

Prepare your carry-on bag

We always suggest our passengers keep the carry-ons as light as possible, to carry only essential things with them inside. You can always put some small bottle of water, phone and a Ziplock bag in a purse, a briefcase or a small backpack. However, since we know that sometimes it can be cold in an airplane, no matter the season, we advise our passengers to dress layered and to carry something light to put on. It doesn’t have to be a jacket; a cardigan or a scarf is enough and can be put in a small bag you are carrying with you.

We know well that every destination we fly is different,

the climate and the temperatures dictate what you will have to carry with you, but we gave you a few tips that can be applied to every travel. Of course, if you need more advice, feel free to ask your flight attendants, they really know many useful tips.