When it comes to packing for your trip, we have prepared some small tips and tricks to make it as easy and fast as possible for you to plan what to bring and how to organize. Of course, we like any bag design and shape, but there are some limits in dimensions, sizes and weight.

You can bring a carry-on baggage (with no extra charge) with the things that are necessary for you to travel, such as documents and anything you need while you are in the airplane, but it would be great if you have the bag that is in the limit of the size rules, which you can check in our Contract of Carriage.

We thought about making your packing even easier, so we have asked our flight attendants to share with us some tricks and tips about packing that might be useful, since they are traveling pretty often and know how to keep it practical.

Find detailed information about dimensions, prices and rules about bags on our routes by clicking on baggage ALLOWANCE

You can also bring your pet with you on your travel on any route. Don’t worry, our Team knows well that your pets are the part of your family and that you surely want your pet to be with you in the cabin.

Still, there are some small rules that need to be followed.

Your dearest friend must be at least 8 weeks old and stay in appropriate carrier during the whole flight. The weight of your pet and his appropriate carrier must not exceed 20 lbs.

Read more information about pets in our Traveling With Animals section.