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Dynamic International Airways LLC is a US Certificated FAR PART 121 AIR CARRIER dedicated to perfection in air travel and connecting families, friends, adventurists and business partners across the globe.
If you are interested in collaboration with us, please read our Terms&Conditions, Contract of Carriage and contact us to start our collaboration, answer your questions and send you necessary documents. Our services and ticket bookings are available on several GDS; please contact us at tasupport@airdynamic.com or call +1(336)790-8176(open from 9 AM until 5 PM CST). Our team will create your profile, inform you about the new offers and send you our Portal Guide and brochures. We still have more to offer you and your customers than just a premium flight experience; please inform us about your client’s expectations, needs and requests of in – flight and onboard options.

For every information about booking, change and cancellation policies, fare options, special requests such as special meals, traveling with infants or help at the airport, please contact us, we will help you with every detail.

Important information for our travel agents about Georgetown – New York flights:
New taxes will be collected in January 1st, 2017:
1) Security fee $15 per passenger
2) Departure tax $18 per passenger.

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